Beer List

Beer List

Achtung Berliner Weisse – 3.5% ABV

This is our mash up of Nordic and German beer styles. This beer is a “No-boil” as after the mash it went straight to the fermentor.  We used the malt bill for a Berliner Weisse and co-pitched our lacto strains along with a Kveik yeast strain. The result is a sessionable sour with big overtones of apples, pears and lemons.

Yuzu Citra Gose – 5.0% ABV

This Gose was brewed with local sea salt and coriander, and then fermented with our house mixed-culture.  It was then dry-hopped heavily and blended with Yuzu juice.

Cerise Sour Red – 6.5% ABV

Our base red recipe fermented with our house mixed-culture. We then aged this Sour Red on BC Raspberries and Dark Cherries.

Automne Brett Saison – 6% ABV

This saison was also fermented with our house mixed-culture, but the 30 IBUs helped keep the lacto at bay and let the sacc and Brett strains do their work. After primary was complete, we dry-hopped it with Loral hops and fresh Rosemary.

Brumeux Hazy IPA – 6.5% ABV

Our take on a NE IPA, starts with a blend of non-flocculant sacc strains. We then dry-hopped it twice with ridiculous amounts of hops. The result is a juicy, dank hop bomb with a full mouthfeel and just enough bitterness to balance it out.

Verdoyant Golden Sour – 5% ABV

This beer was fermented with our house mixed-culture of lacto, Brett and Sacc strains. After fermentation, we dry-hopped it heavily resulting in a pale sour with waves of citrus, resin, and stone fruit.

Brett IPA — 6.8% ABV

We took our base recipe for our Hazy IPA and then conditioned it on 2 strains of Brettanomyces. The result is bone dry with layers of lemon peel and a rustic Brett finish.